Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Empowering Your Independence in Comfort

At EzyCare, Supported Independent Living (SIL) is more than just a service – it’s a commitment to providing the support you need to enhance your life within the comfort and familiarity of a place to call home. Whether it’s an individual or shared living arrangement, our SIL services are designed to provide you with the necessary support for day-to-day activities, care needs, daily chores, and skill development. Our goal is to empower you, whether you’re an NDIS participant or someone seeking disability support, to live as independently as possible, ensuring a life of dignity and fulfillment.
Young man in wheelchair covering hand of female caregiver on his shoulder

Tailored Support for Everyday Life in Sydney, including Accommodation Vacancies and high support needs.

Understanding that everyone’s needs are unique, EzyCare specialises in offering personalised assistance and sil supports that align with your lifestyle and preferences, empowering you to live independently.

Budget Management

Assisting you with managing your finances to ensure a stable and supported living environment.

Personal Care

Support with personal hygiene, dressing, and other personal care needs to maintain your well-being.

Household Chores

Offering help with cleaning, laundry, and maintaining a tidy home for a comfortable living space.

Daily Skills Training

Empowering NDIS participants with the training and support needed to enhance your daily living skills.

Shopping Assistance

Support with grocery shopping & other daily tasks to ensure you have everything you need.

Community Participation

Facilitating involvement in community activities, fostering social connections & enriching your  life.

Guiding you through accessing any other NDIS funded support services, including assistance with daily tasks, current vacancies, and the process to get SIL funding, all to enhance your living situation in New South Wales.
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Begin Your Journey with Supported Independent Living

Ready to embrace a more independent lifestyle with the support of EzyCare, and our range of disability support services? You’ll be able to navigate daily tasks with confidence. Contact us today in Sydney, and let’s start planning an NDIS plan and a SIL arrangement that perfectly suits your needs, high support needs, and aspirations towards a place to call home. You’ll be able to enjoy your independence while we handle all the assistance required. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring your journey towards independence is filled with companionship, empathy, and unwavering support – including locating supported independent living vacancies (SIL).

Change Your Life

Take the First Step Towards a More Independent Life

Are you ready to embrace a new level of independence with EzyCare? Let us support you in navigating the journey towards a life where your well-being and joy are paramount. Our dedicated team is ready to tailor a support plan that perfectly fits your aspirations and needs.

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